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Pro FM Stereo Radio Station

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Complete, all-in-one Stereo Radio Station!

  • Built-in mixer - 2 line inputs and one microphone input, line level monitor output!
  • Frequency range 88.0 to 108.0, 100 kHz steps
  • Precision active low-pass "brick wall" audio filter!
  • Clean, filtered RF output suitable for RF amplification
  • Dual LED bargraph audio level meters!
  • Automatic microphone ducking!

The true professional workhorse of our FM Stereo transmitter line, the FM100 has become the transmitter of choice for both amateurs and professionals around the world. From the serious hobbyist to churches, drive-in theaters, colleges and schools, it continues to be the leader. Not just a transmitter, the FM100 is a fully functional radio station and provides everything but the audio input and antenna system.

This professional synthesized transmitter is adjustable directly from the front panel with a large LED digital readout of the operating frequency. Just enter the setup mode and set your frequency. Once selected and locked you are assured of a rock stable carrier with zero drift. The power output is continuously adjustable throughout the power range of the model selected. Audio quality is equally impressive. A precision active low-pass brick wall audio filter and peak level limiters give your signal maximum "punch" while preventing overmodulation. Two sets of stereo line level inputs are provided with front panel level control for both. Dual front panel LED bargraph meters provide left and right channel audio level metering. In addition to the line level inputs, there is a separate microphone input with a built-in mic mixer to control the level. Not enough? How about unattended microphone ducking! When enabled, the presence of mic audio automatically reduces and overrides the line level input! Just like the professional units at a fraction of the cost.

The FM100 includes an attractive metal case, whip antenna and built in 110/220VAC power supply. A BNC connector is also provided for an external antenna. When using an external antenna the unit must utilize an antenna properly matched to the operating frequency to maintain a proper VSWR to protect the transmitter.

This is also available as a do-it-yourself kit that you assemble.  Please select the option desired when ordering.

Note: The end user is responsible for complying with all FCC rules & regulations within the US or any regulations of their respective governing body.

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