July-August 2008

Issue 4

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Welcome to this edition of the TechTraksTM newsletter.  We are a little late getting this edition out the door!  But that simply means we have been hard at work on new products.

We at Holiday Technologies appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this newsletter and hope you pick up some helpful information along the way.

We know Christmas set-up time is fast approaching and we hope you not only use our site as a resource for ideas, but allow us to help you with your display in some capacity. We will continue to add products to the store so check back often. You can visit our store by clicking here.

We have several things to discuss in this issue so let's get started!

Be sure and spend some time on the display Showcase section of our website.  We've added more great videos you won't want to miss.  This is a great place to get ideas for your own displays.  Also, if you have ideas for a display and you don't see one like it, give us a call.  We'd be glad to work with you in order to bring your idea to life.

Here's a fun addition to our site:  "Who's On First".  We programmed our LED light fixtures to the skit made famous by the great Abbott & Costello comedic team.  This can be done using any props as the "actors".  For example, trees in your yard could be the actors with the light strings on the trees turning on and off just like the flood lights in the video.  Or how about using our elf wireframes?  This is a fun way to add excitement to any display.

We used two of our LF-LED-Junior par 38 LED-based wash light fixtures for this video.  The fixtures have red, green, and blue LEDs so they can be used to produce any color you could imagine.  With the color-mixing capability you can produce great color-wash effects.

We also have enclosures available for these light fixtures to protect them outdoors, enabling you to permanently install them and use them year-round.  We can program various sequences or songs for any occasion - St. Patrick's Day, birthdays, 4th of July, your team's colors, Valentines Day...any holiday of the year.  The the fun doesn't have to end after Christmas!

One of the things Holiday Technologies takes great pride in is our commercial-grade wireframe displays. Take a look at our Jumping Arches.  Think of the interest you'll draw to your display with these!  They are high-quality powder-coated steel wireframes and you can't beat the great price!  The 9' wide arches are just $450 with a single color of LED light strings ($200 for each additional color).

We also sell these arches as a ready-to-install package.  They come with the lights pre-installed and include pre-programmed controllers.  Everything you need to get up and running in under an hour.  Prices start at $1,999.97 for three arches with a single color of lights installed.

Have a technology that you just don't understand or a product you can't figure out even after reading the manuals?  Chances are we've used that very product in other installations and can get it to work for you.

We offer on-site training for both individuals as well as groups of people.  And should you be interested in a more turn-key solution we also offer installation and programming services.  Allow us to do your installation and go to sleep at night knowing the work will be done and the show will go on!  Please contact us for more information.


Here at Holiday Technologies we know it's not just the big stuff that makes for a great display.  Here are some of the products we offer that will enhance your displays or bring more fun to your events.

What's a Christmas display without a little "wintery weather?"  We offer snow machines and fog machines to create winter...regardless of what the weather is really like.  The Snow Machine 100 has an adjustable output and will cover a large area.  The Snow Machine 200 is also adjustable and is DMX-enabled.

We also offer 4 models of fog machines ranging in tank capacity from 1 pint to 3.7 quarts.  You'll want to take a look at these!  There are a lot of great effects you can create by adding these to your display.  We also have snow fluid and fog fluid available for your convenience.

Our LED name badges are just plain fun!  They're great for parties, conventions, lighting ceremonies, etc.  You name it, these badges will liven it up for you and draw attention.  They are fully programmable and let you get your message out without saying a word.

You determine the speed and direction the message is scrolled across your badge.  Reprogram it after each event!  You can program up to 8 messages which will be displayed one after the other.  The badge is held in place by a magnetic clip and are available in 5 colors (red, blue, amber, white, and green).

Also, don't forget to order your FM transmitter today.  We offer them in kits or, if you are the type that wants to plug and play, the assembled units are made especially for you!

Please contact us if you see an item that interests you and don't see it listed on our store.

Feel free to contact us any time.  Here is a handy contact sheet you can print and place on the front of your refrigerator, right next to the kids' drawings. Be sure to check the website often for new product announcements.

You always have the option to contact us and request to be placed on our mailing list.  We can also remove you from the mailing list if you so desire.  Simply call us at 913.626.6226 or e-mail us at support@holidaytechnologies.com.

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We encourage you to forward this newsletter to all the people you know who you think would be interested in adding a bit of technology to their holidays.  It doesn't matter if it's a birthday, St. Patrick's Day, an anniversary, the 4th of July, or even Christmas.  There's always an opportunity to "tech the halls!"  See you next time!


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