July 2010

Issue 8

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The number of days until Christmas is starting to get smaller...but who's counting?  We are of course!  Every day counts now...it's time to get moving on that display!   We've been working hard to be able to offer you great new products and that effort is finally paying off. The Holiday Technologies website is the place to dream, plan and see your dreams come true for your display.

One of the items we have been working on makes it easier to do business with Holiday Technologies.  We now accept American Express as well as the major credit cards and services shown below:

We also accept checks as well as Purchase Orders (on large orders).

Now to the BIG NEWS!  We are now an official Light-O-Rama* (LOR) Partner.  Not only that but we are also the only Certified Light-O-Rama* Training Partner in existence.

To that end we are now offering Official LOR-approved training classes. You can read more about this wonderful opportunity further down in this newsletter.

Now is the time to start gathering items together for the holiday season.  Whether that's shopping early for unique gift items on your Christmas list or getting things together for your holiday display you can always find something of interest at Holiday Technologies.  Know that light-show fanatic in your life?  They would love to have a Holiday Technologies gift certificate. You can visit our store by clicking here or you can contact us for more information on gift certificates.

Remember, we still offer programming and design services for both Animated Lighting* and Light-O-Rama* systems.  We want you to have a successful holiday season and would love to help you with your display.  Please contact us if you have a need and we'll do all we can to help.

We have several things to discuss in this issue so let's get started!

Be sure and spend some time on the display Showcase section of our website.  We've added more great videos you won't want to miss.  This is a great place to get ideas for your own displays.  Also, if you have ideas for a display and you don't see one like it, give us a call.  We'd be glad to work with you to bring your idea to life.

There are a few specific videos we can point out this time around.  Take a look at all the videos from the Inter-State Studio project we did in 2009.

We also animated an indoor light show as well as a show that filled a baseball stadium (see the picture on the left)!

Our Showcase features several additional new videos showcasing other commercial installations and displays we've done (see the videos for Midwest City, Oklahoma).

More videos are still in post production and will be posted just as soon as they are ready.

We've created these displays for other professionals and we can do it for you as well.  Just give us a call.

For all those folks out there who enjoy digging deeper and producing a customized Christmas display themselves we've got good news for you!  We are now offering official LOR-approved training classes!

Do your eyes tend to cross as you try and learn how to program a light show for yourself?  Well never fear because we can teach you step by step just what you need to do to get your display up and running and have it stay running all season long.

Click here to learn more about our training programs.

We will review the basics of design as well as learn how to accomplish music-synchronization.  We will also cover deeper topics such as the following items:
  • Electrical planning
  • Audio connections
  • Low-voltage LED lighting
  • DMX512 protocol
  • Troubleshooting your display

and many, many more topics!

We won't schedule a class in a given location until we have at least 10 people interested in attending.  So tell all your neighbors, friends, and relatives; we want them to come, too!

Private, custom and Corporate Training programs are also available.  We can tailor our standard training classes to fit any specific needs you may have.  Themes can include architectural as well as holiday, landscape, and even entertainment lighting.

We can come to your location and train your team of installers and technicians, passing on to them all the tips and tricks we have learned through the years when creating and installing displays.  Please contact us for more information, including availability and pricing

And should you be interested in a more turn-key solution we also offer installation services.  Allow us to do your installation and go to sleep at night knowing the work will be done and the show will go on!  Please contact us for more information.

We are happy to announce the Cosmic Color Ribbon, a product from LOR.

The DE-C-CCR is a flexible, weather-proof strip with 150 super bright RGB LEDs spaced evenly along its length.

The strip comes with a sophisticated, 150 channel controller that operates in a number of intelligent modes making programming much easier.

You can control each channel individually or take advantage of 'macro' channels where a single channel creates an effect across the entire strip.

The following are just some of the exciting applications of this product:

  • Jumping arches
  • Spiral garland on trees
  • Color wash walls
  • Wrap around poles
  • Outline roofs and walls
  • New Years Eve balls
  • Simulated fireworks

Just imagine what a rainbow would look like moving down one of these strips or recreate your team's colors!

Here's what comes in the package when you order a DE-C-CCR unit:

Each 3 LED section (the blue rectangle in the picture above) operates together as one segment along the strip.

Click here to visit this item on our store.  Or you can contact us for additional information and pricing.

Please contact us if you see an item that interests you and don't see it listed on our store.  And remember to check back frequently.  We add new items every day.

Feel free to contact us any time.  Here is a handy contact sheet you can print and place on the front of your refrigerator, right next to the kids' drawings. Be sure to check the website often for new product announcements.

You always have the option to contact us and request to be placed on our mailing list.  We can also remove you from the mailing list if you so desire.  Simply call us at 913.626.6226 or e-mail us at support@holidaytechnologies.com.

You can also use one of the following options to subscribe or unsubscribe:

We encourage you to forward this newsletter to all the people you know who you think would be interested in adding a bit of technology to their holidays.  It doesn't matter if it's a birthday, St. Patrick's Day, an anniversary, the 4th of July, or even Christmas.  There's always an opportunity to "tech the halls!"  See you next time!


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