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Pro Elf In a Box Animatronic Figure

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A delightful surprise hides inside a sparkling bright package! Our Elf-in-a-Box animatronic is ready to pop-up, entertain, and inform your guests. He's a whimsical little character who can sing, tell jokes, and alert your guests to show times and other important display/venue information. Your package can come ready-to-entertain with pre-built (off-the-shelf or customized) routines, or your elf can be fully programmed by you (servo controller and one or two 12v or 120v channels required). Set-up is quick and easy, and he can be used indoors or out*.

The package stands a little over 22 inches closed and 34 inches when opened. The base is 18 inches square. Our Elf-in-a-Box is available in three different gift box color combinations (red box/green ribbon, green box/red ribbon, blue box/yellow ribbon), and three different hair colors (brown, blonde, and orange).

Includes three animatronics, two animation controllers, 3 audio routines (pop-up talking and/or singing animatronic elves), and an audio package** so people can hear the snowman perform. There is an additional push-button trigger routine available. This option gives you the ability to interrupt the standard routine and start a specific routine.

Please specify gift box color combination and hair color desired for each animatronic at time of order.

This year, add the fun of surprise to your show or display, with an Elf-in-a-Box animatronic from Season's Greeters.

* Outdoor use should be in a semi-controlled environment, without the potential of direct rain or heavy snow loads.

** Audio package includes an amplifier and speakers


Click on the video to see elves in action:

Please note: Shipping and handling is not reflected in the total price. On receipt of your order, a shipping representative will contact you with a shipping price before processing your order.

There are a limited amount of animatronic units are available for the upcoming season.  Please contact us directly either via phone or e-mail message to reserve your spot on the list.

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