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Wireless DMX transmitter

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The wireless DMX transmitter is as easy to use as plugging in a data cable and power supply. Wirelessly connect your DMX devices to your DMX system for convenience and safety. One DMX transmitter can transmit to one or more wireless DMX receivers. You can then daisy-chain DMX fixtures off of the wireless DMX receivers. By breaking your show into wired sections, each of which contain a wireless DMX receiver, you greatly simplify data cabling.

This unit enables you to "jump" over obstacles which might be in the way of wired cabling such as a sidewalk, roadway, or even from building to building.

You can use the relay capability to include very large areas in a coordinated show.

Up to 7 of the transmitter units can be used in the same area because you can configure each one to run as a different universe/network.

This price includes one transmitter unit and one power supply.

NOTE: Each wireless DMX receiver requires a matching wireless DMX transmitter and DMX source in order to operate.

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