LF-LED-RGB-36W LED DMX flood light

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36 Watt RGB LED Flood Light

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We have been looking for a reliable and high-output RGB LED flood light and are happy to bring this unit to market.

The unit features 36 LEDs, each being rated at 1 watt. There are 12 LEDs for each color (red, green, and blue LEDs) in the unit.

We have used these light fixtures in various projects and are very happy with the results. They produce a beam of light that isn't too narrow and focused nor is it too wide and diffused. Contact us and we can send you video which places one of these light fixtures side by side with a 50W wide beam LED light fixture for a comparison. We think you'll be surprised with the results.

These lights are perfect for lighting up trees, walls, architectural items, bushes, surfaces, and many other locations and/or items with pure, saturated light. The light fixtures is outdoor-rated (IP65) and works well both indoors as well as outside.

The light fixture features male and female 3-pin XLR DMX connections using standard DMX wiring. The light fixture also features male and female power cords so you can daisy chain the power connections.

The unit uses 3 DMX channels (red, green, blue).  Setting the starting DMX channel is done using the digital display on the back of the unit and two push button switches built into the unit. The unit will also cycle through its colors when it isn't receiving a DMX signal.

The unit is 13.5" wide, 8.5" tall, and 6" deep. It comes with a built-in stand so the unit can be placed on the ground on a flat surface or mounted in other orientations. The light head swivels on it's base and can be locked into place.

The unit comes with standard Edison power connections and operates on 120VAC.

Contact us for more information today!

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