DE-C-Chase Bounce 6

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2 to 6 Channel Universal Chase Lighting Controller

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This controller gives you the option of controlling lights using either a chase, back and forth (bounce), or random pattern.  It also allows you to select how many outputs you wish to use via a selection knob on the front of the unit.  Options range from 2 channels all the way up to 6 channels plus one blank step at the end of the pattern.  Changing the function or number of channels used can be selected/changed on the fly with no need to power the controller down.


It can control up to 10 amps per channel at 120VAC.  There is no need to open the controller to change function or the number of channels being utilized.  All controls are accessible from the outside of the unit, including the fuse.


The enclosure is 5.25" wide, 2.125" tall, and 2.9" deep.

Custom chase sequences can be added to the unit for an additional cost.  Quantity and reseller discounts are available:


Qty. 1-9 x $159.97
Qty. 10-49 x $154.97
Qty. 50-99 x $149.97
Qty. 100-199 x $139.97
Qty. 200 and up x $129.97

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