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Who We Are
Our employees are a mix of computer scientists, electrical and mechanical engineers, and graphic artists whose mix of talents are vital to achieving aesthetically appealing, intelligent, and awe-inspiring displays.

Our products have evolved from lifelong passions with lighting effects and systems. Many of us have long experimented with computer-controlled lighting in our homes and our own displays. In years past this passion has resulted in traffic-stopping, computer-controlled, dynamic displays both in our yards during the holidays as well as at other locations throughout the rest of the year.

What We Do
Holiday Technologies invented the music-synchronized holiday industry when we created a software program called Dasher™ and the hardware lighting boxes it controlled.  A lot has happened since that time but we are still the industry leader when it comes to innovating new products.  Put this expertise to work for you by working with us to combine traditional, architectural, and high-tech items in your displays.

We offer a full line of products and services with a commitment to your total operation. Our turnkey leasing program offers convenience and flexibility with options to suit your seasonal decorating needs. We also trade, install, refurbish and design custom displays through our factory and warehouse located in the Midwest. Holiday Technologies also provides its customers a large selection of repair or replacement parts.

Our products are ideal for attracting attention almost anywhere they are featured.  Examples include malls, shopping centers, light parks, residences, small businesses, entertainment districts, and other areas that need the attention-getting power of colorful and controlled displays.

Working With You
We'd love the opportunity to show you how Holiday Technologies can assist you with your projects!

Contact Us!
Please contact a Holiday Technologies representative today or visit our product section to see how you can use Holiday Technologies products to entertain and captivate.


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